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Concert Homo Spiritualis

27-9-2013 Krakow Musical Journey into the Cave of Dreams Werner Herzog & Ernst Reijseger Cave of Forgotten Dreams Requiem for a Dying Planet On the 27th of September (Friday) at 7 p.m., Reijseger’s music for the films of one of the most outstanding German screenwriters and directors – Werner Herzog will be played in the… continue reading

Music critic Ernst Reijseger Los Angeles Times

Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger appears in Werner Herzog’s video exhibition “Hearsay of the Soul,” on display at the Getty Center. MUSIC CRITIC By MARK SWED, LOS ANGELES TIMES: “Reijseger is the most Dutch of cellists. He embodies the range of his country’s forward musical thinking, which means a forward approach to old music as well… continue reading