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Sabino Martiradonna
MARSAB Music Management
via Cimarra, 13
I – 00184 Roma
Tel. + 39 06 47 43 013
Tel. + 39 335 80 29 563

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New Releases

Chronicle [Ernst Reijseger & Werner Herzog film scores]
Reijseger’s selection of music from ten film scores he made for film director Werner Herzog over the last fifteen years.

Double Live [Ernst Reijseger Two cello concerts]
A concert for four-string cello & symphony orchestra (Concertgebouw 1997) and a concert for five-string cello & wind ensemble (Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ 2010)

Colla Parte Catalogue
Eighteen re-issues of Ernst Reijseger’s albums starting with the solo album
Colla Parte [Versioni per Violoncello solo]

Publisher & Label

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Spring Music

Cellist & Composer