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Neco Novellas & Ernst Reijseger – in the kitchen

Preview of Neco Novellas & Ernst Reijseger tuning in, working on their new project. Two kindred spirits balancing on a single chord.

Since Neco Novellas arrived at the Rotterdam Conservatory via Lisbon, he has developed an innovative sound that fused jazz and pop with Chopi music from his native Mozambique.

Today Neco is a charismatic soloist on new challenges every time. As with the brilliant cellist Ernst Reijseger which equally quirky combines African traditions with European improvisers. Two daring souls together in harmony on the same chord.

Musicians: Neco Novellas (guitar, vocals, electronics MZ), Ernst Reijseger (cello-NL)

Naná Vasconcelos and Ernst Reijseger

Naná Vasconcelos and Ernst Reijseger 07.03.2008 SESC Vila Mariana São Paulo After about 20 years we met again by coincidence in a hotel lobby. The next year we played together in São Paulo. It was a brief gathering of three days in March 2008. Yesterday, 9 march 2016 Naná passed away. There are many possible… continue reading