19-9-2013 München

Ernst Reijseger : Cello / Joost Guntenaar: Time Laps movie / Jerry Zeniuk: painting

The 19th of september 2013, I play solo to a 77 min Time Laps movie by Joost Guntenaar about the making of a painting by Jerry Zeniuk and projected and performed at Max Joseph Saal in München.

Gefördert vom Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München
Präsentiert von Ludwig Beck

Klanvisionen - Max Joseph Saal München

After that immediate solo recordings in the exibition of Jerry Zeniuk, directly on tape, without edits several LP’s will be made (vinyl), without mass production.

Then onwards to Krakow, to Cave of Forgotten Dreams scores and the ‘cine concert’ Requiem for a Dying planet live with a fine local choir and the Tenore e Cuncordu de Orosei.