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Groove Lélé and Ernst Reijseger – Sinibalala

Concert in St Gilles le Bains/ Ile de la Réunion Groove Lele Zembrocal musical Klassieke Zaken by Cornell Evers (translated); The Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger associates a great sense of adventure to a sincere interest in other cultures and musicians. He acts without exception with great respect. His musical paths meander through the worlds of… continue reading

Requiem for a dying planet – Cine concert

Music for Werner Herzog’s films: The White Diamond” and “The Wild Blue Yonder”   Performed by: ERNST REIJSEGER, MOLA SYLLA, CUNCORDU E TENORE DE OROSEI CD, Ernst Reijseger, Requiem for a Dying Planet. Label: Music: Ernst Reijseger Direction: Ernst Reijseger, Sabino Martiradonna Production: Marsab Music Management, Roma ERNST REIJSEGER – cello MOLA SYLLA –… continue reading

Joost Guntenaar – RijksMuseum Unpacked

RijksMuseum Unpacked from Joost Guntenaar on Vimeo. For three years the photographer and video artist Joost Guntenaar documented the unpacking of the RijksMuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The great amount of pictures, collected over a period of three years, with a fixed camera, have been edited and selected to compose a 5’16” stop motion video.… continue reading