Yo-Yo Ma Ernst Reijseger, Michael Moore Trilok Gurtu Concertgebouw Amsterdam Bonus video

In Good Company Yo Yo Ma Ernst Reijseger Filmed by Wouter Hasebos
Composition by Michael Moore ” In the Company of Angels”
march 1993 Concertgebouw Amsterdam

New release, after a bit of waiting, …. 21 years, Sony is ready to bring this out.
I was invited to organise the second half of the evening back in 1993, which is filling up CD 1 completely of the 5 cd release. Yo-Yo made me play solo, then duo. Michael Moore wrote for quartet, cello/cello/clarinet (Michael Moore) and percussion (Trilok Gurtu and Maurice Horsthuis wrote a Symphony Concertante for two celli and his ensemble ‘Amsterdam Drama’.
Listen to it and like it.

Sonymusic release Yo-Yo Ma In goed gezelschap

Ernst Reijseger meets Yo-Yo Ma in 1993

Yo can also scan this photo on your smartphone with Layar and see additional video of that concert 21 years ago..