Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger appears in Werner Herzog’s video exhibition “Hearsay of the Soul,” on display at the Getty Center.


“Reijseger is the most Dutch of cellists. He embodies the range of his country’s forward musical thinking, which means a forward approach to old music as well as new.

This kind of building bridges over musical canals is one of the things that makes Amsterdam so very interesting. And that is exactly what Reijseger does in the music he has also contributed to filmmaker Werner Herzog’s new video installation, “Hearsay of the Soul,” that opened at the Getty last week.

Reijseger began in the early music movement, for which Holland has been a longtime capital, playing a period-instrument Baroque cello. From there he leaped, in a way that the Dutch do with a startling lack of self-consciousness, into avant-garde music. From there to jazz, for which he is now best known”.

Reijseger Fraanje Sylla -Los Angeles Times