Concert in St Gilles le Bains/ Ile de la Réunion

Groove Lele Zembrocal musical Klassieke Zaken by Cornell Evers (translated);

The Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger associates a great sense of adventure to a sincere interest in other cultures and musicians. He acts without exception with great respect. His musical paths meander through the worlds of jazz, classical and avant-garde. The multicolored landscape of world music is familiar for him. Reason for the musicians of Groove Lélé from the island of Réunion, located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, to invite the cellist to collaborate in a project in which contemporary music merges with the percussion of reunion.
The result of this interaction, Zembrocal musical, is surpassing any wildest expectations. It starts with the impressive, on the traditional ‘maloya’-music of Réunion based opener ‘Sinibalala’. The cello leads in subtle, the voices add themselves there and finally the drums. What follows is a combination of sounds, colours and rhythms that is as refined as enchanting. A ‘zembrocal’ is a traditional stew in which the ingredients retain their own taste. The music of Réunion with elements from India and East Africa, combined with the beautiful targeted and exciting improvisations by the cellist makes this cd a super-‘zembrocal’.